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* Posted on 27 NOVEMBER 2015. GOLDEN BRIDGE is happy to offer academic programs: BA, BS, MA, MS, MBA and EDBA at two Universities in Warsaw, Poland. Very reasonable prices!

* Posted on 15 SEPTEMBER 2015. - WORK AND TRAVEL USA PROGRAM BEGINS! If you are a Work and Travel USAfull-time university STUDENT who can speak English and is interested in American culture, and if you are open-minded and independent enough to live on your, then you are a good candidate and you will achieve success. We are looking forward to  meeting you at the interview!  Do that right now. Remember that the number of students  who would like to participate is much more than limited quota for Georgia. CLICK FOR DETAILS

* Posted on 18 AUGUST 2015. - We are delighted to announce a new 2-month TOURISM AND HOTEL MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE PROGRAM available to study at GOLDEN BRIDGE CENTER in TBILISI. To reserve your place at this program, please visit us at GOLDEN BRIDGE Center to complete the REGISTRATION Form.  CLICK FOR DETAILS