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GOLDEN BRIDGE Center invite all University (Bachelor and Master's levels) STUDENTS to participate in the program. Want to learn more about American culture, traditions, and destinations? Working, travelling, and experiencing daily life in the U.S. are all great ways to learn about American culture. WORK and TRAVEL USA Program is one of the greatest ways to discover the United States. We have now vacancies for the following positions: Sales Associates, Cooks, Bussers, Waiters, Cashiers, Housekeepers, Dishwashers, etc in many locations. Interested? Then visit us at GOLDEN BRIDGE Center to start the application process.

University students from around the world can work in seasonal positions, live in and learn about the United States, travel, make new friends. and gain valuable experience  while earning Dollars. Students can work up to 3 months (with another month to travel) during their Summer university break (from June to September) under the J1 visa category. After the program is complete, you are obligated to return to Georgia,

The Work and Travel Program in the USA provides the visa sponsorship, placement in a seasonal job at resort and vacation destinations throughout the US, as well as housing assistance and ongoing personal support to make this dream a reality for thousands of participants.

This program is open to university students from around the world who want to experience another culture while earning money to support their stay. By working throughout the United States, participants have a unique chance to experience the United States as more than just tourists, and to share their own traditions and culture with people from both the U.S. and abroad. By living abroad in a English speaking environment, gaining some practical experience, and meeting friends that last a lifetime, participants benefit from the experience for years to come. 

ATTN:  Work and Travel USA Participants!  Please be informed that your wages earned while you are on the program might not cover all of your expenses, thus, you should bring additional personal funds to the USA.

Work and Travel Program is one of the most popular programs among international students. Students can choose a workplace themselves and be employed temporarily. They are able to earn the same wages and enjoy the same working conditions as Americans do at the same jobs. The major advantages of this program, highlighted below, make this an extremely valuable experience for those willing to convert their summer into a breathtaking and unforgettable adventure:

We encourage students to participate in the Program. All qualified applicants receive the J-1 Exchange Visitor visas, allowing them to work legally in the United States.

Golden Bridge is involved in filling in all the necessary documents, finding a suitable employer, and preparing students for a trip to the United States. Thus, participating students receive a work invitation and know their wage, working conditions, and the work location beforehand. All detailed information about the Program and USA is provided. Golden Bridge employees assist in applying for a Social Security card, which is necessary for legal employment in the United States
Our American partner organizations operate a 24-hour "hot-line" where all participants can receive qualified assistance. Full medical insurance is also provided.

Who is Eligibile? 

To meet the basic requirements for the Work & Travel Program, you must be: 

Program Dates and Duration:

You can choose the length of the program in which they are interested. Our American Partner Organization will issue the visa for the length of time specified by the offer letter of the company you will work for. Most companies are interested in students that can make at least a three-month commitment. There are a few opportunities for students available for 2 and a half months. If you successfully complete your program you may be able to stay an additional 30 days in the US but you are not permitted to work during this period. The general dates of availability are listed below. There are some minor variations of the eligibility dates depending on the country where you are attending school. If you are unsure please contact us for confirmation.
Summer Program: May-November (4 month maximum)
- Students arrive as early as mid-May and as late as early August.


What types of jobs do students selecting Our American Partner Organization Placements receive?

The Partner Organization will arrange a basic, entry level job for you, much like one that a student in the U.S. would have during a school break.
You will not normally be able to have a position that offers training for your future career, but you will certainly be able learn a lot through your job if you are open to new people and experiences. The Work & Travel Program does not require that participants have special training or professional skills, we just ask that you have a positive attitude about hard work! Earn money while you get to know the country as no tourist can. Here is a sample of the types of businesses where we place students in the country. The location of these positions are in many States across the US. 

When we receive your application, we review your interests and coordinate the available employers that best fits your interests and skills to arrange for an offer. Please note that not all first choices can be met, and the most popular locations and positions are filled first so applying early is very important.
Our Services for you include:

Any job must be approved by our US Partner Organization before you begin working. Starting work at a job without its approval is a violation of core program rules, and will result in your Termination from the Work & Travel USA program. Termination has an adverse affect on an exchange visitor’s U.S. immigration record. Participants whose status has been Terminated will find it difficult to apply for a change of status in the United States or to apply for future visas. Termination from your Work & Travel USA program means that ur US Partner Organization sponsorship / DS-2019 and insurance are cancelled immediately and you will be required to return home. If you stay in the United States after you have been terminated from the Work & Travel program, you will be here illegally. 

Wages / Compensation:

The average participant receives a wage of $8.50-$14.00 per hour depending on the location chosen. Some positions may pay more, some less. Frequently, the positions that pay less have better benefits such as lower cost housing, meals, transportation, etc.
The compensation and expenses of your position are specifically detailed in the information you complete as part of your application such as a job offer which you must also sign. Therefore, there should be no surprises about the financial aspects of your program. Applicants wishing to cover all program costs should not expect to do so while participating in our program, unless they are able to work for a full four months. All salaries should cover the cost of living and enable you to save some extra money to help reduce travel expenses.

Almost 95% of Our American Partner Organization  arrange placements already include housing. If you are placed by our American Partner Organization  in a site that provides housing you will probably be required to use this housing as the employer may have made a financial commitment to the housing site transportation logistics, etc. Without the employer making this type of commitment it is likely that they would not participate in the program at all. Applicants should expect the basics: You will normally have a shared bedroom, a shared bathroom and sometimes a shared kitchen. Our American Partner Organization  will provide you with detailed information about your housing for Partner arranged placements at the time you receive your offer from an employer. In this information we will detail what you need to bring, housing costs, deposits if any, etc.
If you have selected the self-arranged option, then your housing may not be arranged by your employer. Finding housing can be one of your most important decisions in order to have a successful program.

How To Find Housing
(This information is provided for Self-Placement Participants):
Finding housing can often be as challenging as finding a job. Perhaps your best source of information and possibly housing arrangements will be your employer. They may provide housing at or near your place of employment. This will normally be at a reasonable cost. The employer will deduct a certain amount of money from your wages to cover the cost of housing. Make sure you are aware of these costs up front when you agree to accept the job. Also, if the housing provided by your employer is not within walking distance of your job, find out what type of transportation is available (employee van, public transport, etc.). Don't assume you will be able to rely on staff that have their own transportation. You may find yourself unable to get to work on occasion and this may cause frustration thereby diminishing your experience.
If you secure a job with an employer who does not provide accommodation, ask him/her for suggestions on where to find or look for housing. You can also use the Internet to begin your search. Find out what some of the housing options will be in the area where you will be located.

Who administers the program and what is GOLDEN BRIDGE role?
The Summer Work and Travel Program is administered by  our American Partner Organization who administers the program in the United States and is the official visa sponsor. Golden Bridge and our American Partner Organization will help you to prepare for your experience and obtain all the necessary work documents. While on the program, Partner will provide supervision and emergency backup services.

How do I know that there will be a job for me when I arrive?
Our American Partner Organization only works with reputable employers that have experience working with Summer Work and Travel students. You will receive contact information for your employer and you can contact them before you arrive for more information about the job, the area where you will be, and the housing available.

Do I have to stay at one job?
By signing your Job Offer, you are agreeing to work for that employer. If you decide that you cannot work for that employer, or you lose your job, you need to contact the program administrator for assistance.
If we found a job placement for you and you don't show up at your job, or you leave your job without contacting the program administrator first, you may be dismissed from the program, and you will have to return home immediately. Make sure you contact your program administrator before leaving your job. He or she will work with you and your employer to resolve any problems that you may be experiencing. This mediation process is mandatory for all participants who have received a job placement from us.
If you found your own job, you may not switch jobs without notifying your program administrator. If you take a job that is not listed on your DS-2019 form, you may be dismissed from the program, and you will have to return home immediately. Avoid this problem by contacting your program administrator before you leave your job. You will have to submit a new Job Offer Letter, signed by you and your new employer. After you fax the Letter to the program administrator, they will issue a letter authorizing the new employment.

How do I find housing?
You are responsible for your accommodation while in the United States. You must arrange at least temporary housing before you leave home. Then you must notify Golden Bridge (or the program administrator), when you know where you'll be staying. You must do this before you leave home.
If we found a job placement for you, you may request assistance with finding housing from your program administrator.
Many employers provide housing, or assistance with housing, as a part of your job. We advise you to apply for positions which include housing.
What if I don't like my housing?
You are responsible for your housing while you are in the United States. If you move to a new address, you need to notify your program administrator. Please also note if your job is linked to the housing you cannot move.


What does my insurance cover?
The insurance covers medical expenses related to sickness and injuries. It does not cover expenses for pre-existing conditions. You will receive a detailed insurance packet with your program materials.

What if I don't like my job?
Speak with your employer. Speak with your program administrator. He or she will assist you in working with your employer. If your program administrator gives you permission to leave your job, you will be responsible for finding a new job, unless we determine that there was an error in your initial placement. You must submit a signed Job Offer Letter to your program administrator before beginning any new job.
If you found your own job, you may change jobs after submitting a new Job Offer Letter to your program administrator. You are not allowed to accept employment without submitting the form, complete with your signature, and the signature of your employer.
In either case, you need to provide your current employer with sufficient notice before leaving your job. In the United States, it is customary to give two weeks notice before leaving a job. Failure to follow these rules may result in your being dismissed from the program, and having to return home early.

How much money should I bring?
You should bring enough money to pay for food and housing for your first month in the United States. This is important, because you may not receive your first paycheck until after you've been working for two weeks. As a general rule, you should have enough money for one month's rent, and an additional $800 when you arrive.

What do I do if I need help while in the U.S.?
If you need help, call your program administrator. You will be given a packet of program materials, which includes information about the 24-hour free hotline. The call will be free from anywhere in the United States.


Can I come before my job starts?

You may arrive up to 2 weeks before your program begins. This will enable you to get settled in your housing, apply for your Social Security card, and learn your way around before starting work.
Please make sure that you've made arrangements for your housing if you're planning to arrive early.

How many days after my trainee program ends can I stay in the US?
You can stay in the U.S. 30 days after the end date on your DS-2019.

Can I enter the US on a one-way ticket?
Participants are eligible to travel to the U.S. on a one-way ticket, but you should be aware that the Immigration Officials in the U.S. might want to see proof that you can afford to buy the return portion of your airfare. A credit card or proof of earnings, as listed on the DS-2019, will usually suffice if you are asked for proof. One-way ticket holders may also want to take an additional letter from their parents to indicate that they will pay for the return ticket if necessary. In general, it is advisable to purchase a round-trip ticket to avoid these potential hassles.

Can I extend my stay in the United States?
There are no extensions for the J-1 Work/Travel Program. By signing your copy of the Terms and Conditions of the program, you are agreeing to return home within 30 days of the end of your program. Failure to return home by that time will result in your being out of status, and subject to arrest and deportation. Do not jeopardize your future by breaking the law. Return home at the end of your program.

Can I come back again?
The United States Government limits the number of return students allowed to participate in any summer work/travel program each year. The best way to do this is to apply as early as possible, before the limit is reached. Contact the Golden Bridge office in your country for details.


What is a J-1 Work/Travel Visa?
A J-1 Work/Travel visa allows you to visit the United States and work for a reputable US employer for up to 4 months during your summer break from university.
What is a DS-2019 form?
The DS-2019 form is the document that you take to the United States Embassy or Consulate to apply for your J-1 Work/Travel visa. Without this form, you cannot apply for your visa. The program sponsor and administrator will provide you with the necessary support documents.

If you want to get detailed information concerning the Work and Travel and/or participate in it please e-mail or telephone us. Please see CONTACT information.  Please call before to schedule your interview with the Golden Bridge staff.