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Internship Training Program USA

Career Training USA Program





*Are you interested in training at a 4- or 5-star luxury hotel/resort in the US?

*Do you have a completed hospitality degree and at least 1 year of related work experience OR have at least 5 years of hospitality work experience?

If you answered YES to the above questions, you may qualify for a special training opportunity! Many positions available….front desk, culinary, food & beverage, concierge, and more! Positions available throughout the United States! If you are interested in being considered, please VISIT US at GOLDEN BRIDGE Center.

Internship and Training Program USA (ITP) is a practical training in an American business for overseas University students and young professionals. The training bridges the Trainees' course of study to their career development objectives. While Trainees gain practical knowledge in their specialized fields, the American staff gains international cultural and business awareness. The Trainees not only gain valuable insight into the American business methods and practices, they immerse themselves into the American society and culture.

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This programs offer young persons from Georgia the opportunity to come to the United States to take part in structured practical training and professional development experiences in U.S. companies.  As a Trainee or and Intern, you will receive on-going supervision and evaluation from experienced personnel within the company. The sponsor of the program, will monitor the experience and act as advisor and liaison between you and your supervisor, as needed.  You are encouraged to travel and explore the area during your free time.

The purpose of the Program is professional development and cultural understanding.  The experience will enhance your skills in your chosen field as well as increase your understanding of American culture.  At the end of the Program, you will return home with increased expertise in your field and a greater ability to work and live in other cultures.  The Program is also to the company's advantage, because its employees become better acquainted with the personal and professional attitudes and styles of other cultures.  It is not a way to get a job in the U.S. or a way to immigrate.


  1. Have a background in the fields of HOSPITALITY (HOTEL, TOURISM, TRAVEL BUSINESSES).
  2. Be between the ages of 19-34.
  3. Come with the intention of RETURNING TO YOUR HOME COUNTRY after the program is finished and the 30-day grace period is over.
  4. Possess advanced English skills (TEST CERTIFICATE).  Your English must be of the level to allow you to function well in the program.
  5. Bring a minimum of $1000 cash for support during the first few weeks.  A credit card is another option. 
  6. Be responsible, self-reliant, cooperative, adaptable, hard working, friendly, adventurous, ambitious, goal-oriented, and respectful.  You should also have the full support of your family. 
  7. Have no criminal record of any kind. 
  8. Be familiar with, and adhere to, all Trainee or Internship Program regulations and all Policies & Procedures.

Specific requirements for the Internship Program

  1. You must be currently enrolled in, and pursuing studies, at a degree-or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution, OR
  2. You must have graduated from such an institution no more than 12 months prior to your intern program.
  3. Maximum duration of the program is 12 months.
  4. You may participate in additional internship programs as long as your maintain student status or begin a new internship program within 12 months of graduation.

Specific requirements for the Trainee Program

  1. You must have a degree or professional certificate from a foreign post-secondary academic institution and at least one year of prior related work experience in your occupational field  OR
  2. You must have five years of work experience in your occupational field.
  3. Maximum duration of program is 18 months.
  4. You may participate in an additional trainee program after a two-year period of residency outside the United States.

There is no limit to the number of trainee programs as long as this requirement is followed. If you participated in an internship program, you may participate in a trainee program after a two-year residency outside the United States.

Some applicants prefer to find their own internships while others, with more complex or unique professional fields of interest, delegate the locating and matching with appropriate Host Businesses to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What career fields are accepted under J-1 Internship visa?

A: There are  the following 6 general occupational categories:

Q: What career fields are NOT accepted under J-1 Intern visa?

A: Under the Internship category you cannot work as au pairs or any domestic work, such as babysitting or house-keeping, camp counselor, medical interns or anything involving hands-on therapy, counseling, administering medical treatment or making diagnoses of medical, psychiatric or psychological patients.

Q: Can I work while on J-1 visa?

A: Extra-curricular employment outside the participants J-1 internship program is strictly prohibited.

Q: What is SEVIS?

A: The Department of State has implemented a system called SEVIS, which keeps a record of international students who are participating on exchange programs. SEVIS enables us to transmit participant information to the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and DOS (the Department of State). Only agencies are allowed to enter the SEVIS system and validate participants' visas. The SEVIS Fee is USD 180 for this Program.

Q: Are there any visa limitations regarding the length of stay in the U.S.?

A: You will be issued a J-1 visa for the exact dates listed on your DS-2019 form (e.g. your legal internship dates). Also, upon entry into the U.S., a Form I-94 will be attached to your passport. The I-94 indicates the last day you may be in the U.S. on this J-1 visa. Alternatively, "D/S" may be stamped on the I-94 card instead of an actual date. "D/S" is an abbreviation for "Duration of Status" which is equivalent to the specified time indicated on the DS-2019 form plus a 30-day "grace" period reserved for travel purposes only.

Q: Can I continue my internship at the Host Business during the 30-day "grace" period?

A: NO. Once your DS dates have expired, you are no longer in a bona fide internship program and cannot continue at the Host Business. You have the option of either returning home or staying in the U.S. an additional 30 days beyond the expired DS dates for the exclusive purpose of travel.

Q: Can I return to the U.S. on a second J-1 Internship program?

A: Yes, as long as you are enrolled in a post-secondary institution or have graduated within 12 months.

Q: Can I transfer from J-1 visa internship program to another organization's J program?

A: NO. we cannot release you in the U.S. from our J-1 program in order for you to transfer to another J program.

Q: Can I transfer from an F visa to a J visa?

A: We are unable to transfer a participant who is currently on an F-1 student visa in the U.S. to our program J-1 visa. The participant MUST return home in order to apply for our Internship/Training Program.