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Now it is time for work and travel in TurkeyWORK IN ANTALYA!

This is a unique program which you don’t need to get work permit for working in Turkey. During you work in Travel/Tourism Sector you will make new friends and fulfill your internship as well as you earn money and travel. Our goal is to connect the best Candidates and the Best employers.  

About the Program: this a seasonal (Summer) work program which allows program participants to work temporarily in Turkey as a tour operator in the tour operator companies located in Antalya.

Benefits of the program

Eligibility of the program

Duration of the program
-Generally SUMMER season.
-Starts from 1st April-15th May.
-Finishes either 30th September- 15th October.

About Work
You will work in tour operator companies as a:

Program participants can work 80% as transferman and 10% as tourist guide and 10% as info desk. The participants will work mostly to receive the guests at the airport and bring to hotels. 

During the program you will earn minimum 350$ per month (in accordance with the Job Contract between you and employer). Some positions also have tips.

Cost of the Program
Program fee: 600$
Visa fee: 70$ (Tour-Operator Visa)
Pocket money for the first 2-3 weeks: 300$
Ticket: generally 90% of the employers have a free ticket from certain points such as from Moscow-Antalya, Antalya-Moscow or Almaty-Antalya, Antalya-Almaty, if employer doesn’t arrange ticket the person should arrange it by himself/herself.

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