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DistanceLearningGOLDEN BRIDGE Center offers a wide variety of distance learning courses which you can study at your own pace from home or work.

Each year, thousands of students all over the World sign up for distance learning courses assisting their career and improve their employability. Become one of them. Contact the GOLDEN BRIDGE Distance Learning Center.

There are many advantages to Distance Learning, but the main advantages have to be cost and flexibility. When studying via Distance Learning, there is no need to attend a classroom, so there is no waste of time or other resources spent commuting to specific location for each class. Distance learning is also a great advantage for those with restricted mobility.

Distance Learning allows you to study at own pace, as quickly or slowly as you please, and of course the costs are also a lot less!

We want to make sure you gain the skills you need to succeed in today's fast paced technical world. With our distance learning courses we're so confident that you can gain the necessary skills to succeed.

On successful completion of a Program and taking a Final Test at GOLDEN BRIDGE Center (a student must achieve 60 percent and above of available marks)  a student will  be awarded the CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.  

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Program Format:  electronic or paper-based.

Program  Length: Completion is required within 2 months. 

Requirements: *High Motivation for taking a Program. *Depending on the language of instruction (either English or Russian) sufficient knowledge of  the language is necessary!

You can choose one of the following Courses:

*Management (available in English or Russian) – Program Fee: 390 Lari

*Effective Marketing (available in English or Russian) - Program Fee: 390 Lari

*Sales Management (available in English) - Program Fee: 370 Lari

*Hotel and Tourism Management (available in English or Russian) - Program Fee: 390 Lari

*Human Resource Management (available in English or Russian)- Program Fee: 390 Lari

*Career Development Program (available in English) - Program Fee: 350 Lari

Each Program consists of CORE and ELECTIVE courses. Core courses are courses that everyone is required to take to complete the Program. Elective courses are courses not required to complete the program. You are free to take or not to take the course.


  1. The Power of Coaching (elective course)
  2. The Secrets to Workshop Success (elective course)    
  3. Leading by Example (elective course)    
  4. Commercial Awareness for Managers (elective course)    
  5. Operations Management (core course)
  6. The Art of Leadership  (elective course)    
  7. The Art of Managing People (core course)
  8. Delegation and Empowerment (elective course)    
  9. Icebreakers – Building Team Spirit in Training (elective course)    
  10. Administration Skills  (core course)
  11. Facilitation Skills (elective course)    
  12. Corporate Social Responsibility (elective course)    
  13. Managing Budgets (elective course)    
  14. Effective Discipline (core course)
  15. Counseling  Skills  (elective course)    
  16. Training Skills (elective course)    
  17. Running Effective Appraisals (elective course)    
  18. Understanding Personality Types (elective course)    
  19. Working as an Independent Contractor (elective course)    
  20. Change Management (elective course)    
  21. Successful Time Management (core course)
  22. Running Effective Meetings  (elective course)    
  23. Performance Management (elective course)    
  24. Teambuilding (core course)
  25. Management Basics (core course)
  26. Strategic Financial Management  (elective course)    
  27. Leadership Skills (elective course)    
  28. Management Briefs (elective course)    
  29. Project Management (core course)
  30. Project Leadership  (elective course)    
  31. Managing Projects (elective course)    
  32. How to Improve Motivation (elective course)    
  33. Managing Quality in the 21 Century (core course)
  34. Risk Management (core course)


  1. Customer Relationship Management  (elective course)   
  2. Effective Marketing (core course)
  3. Affiliate Marketing (core course)
  4. Internet Marketing (core course)
  5. Practical PR (core course)
  6. Essentials of Marketing (core course)
  7. Essentials of Marketing (core course)
  8. Essentials of Marketing Research (core course)
  9. Improve your Writing Skills (elective course)   
  10. Content Marketing (elective course)   
  11. Developing of Internet Marketing Strategy (core course)
  12. E-mail Marketing (elective course)   
  13. Permission Marketing (elective course)   
  14. Understanding Social Media (elective course)   
  15. Advertising (core course)
  16. Business Blogs (elective course)   


  1. Employer’s Guide to Recruitment  (core course)
  2. Workplace Investigation (core course)
  3. Recruitment and Selection (core course)
  4. Managing the Human Resource in the 21 Century  (core course)
  5. How to improve Motivation (core course)
  6. The Seven Deadly Sins of Employment  (elective course)   


  1. Customer Care  (core course)
  2. Buyer Behaviour  (core course)
  3. Closing the Sale (core course)
  4. Telesales (elective course)   
  5. Basic Selling Skills (core course)
  6. Sales Planning (core course)
  7. How to sell your value and your price (core course)
  8. Conducting Transatlantic Business (elective course)   
  9. Handling Objections in Sales (elective course)   
  10. Negotiating Sales (core course)
  11. Sales Presentation Techniques (core course)
  12. Successful Prospecting in Sales (elective course)   


  1. Planning for new opportunities  (core course)
  2. Administration Skills  (core course)
  3. Effective Communication Skills (core course)
  4. Working Abroad  (elective course)   
  5. Essential Job Searching Tools (core course)
  6. Motivation Skills (core course)
  7. Resume Secrets (elective course)   
  8. Creating your CV as a self-marketing Tool  (core course)
  9. Interview Secrets  (core course)
  10. The fastest way to the job interview (elective course)   
  11. The Power of Coaching  (elective course)   
  12. What id MBA Education? (elective course)   
  13. Working as an Independent Contractor (elective course)   
  14. Presenting an effective message (elective course)   
  15. Leadership Skills  (core course)
  16. Influencing and Persuasion Skills  (core course)
  17. Managing Your Career (core course)
  18. Personal Confidence and Motivation  (core course)
  19. Time to get hired (elective course)   
  20. Successful Public Speaking (elective course)   
  21. Graduate Employment (elective course)   
  22. Thinking Skills (elective course)   
  23. Making the Business case (elective course)   
  24. Anger management and Conflict Resolution (elective course)  


  1. Introduction to Hospitality (core course)
  2. Tourism Industry, its products and importance  (core course)
  3. Tourism market (core course)
  4. Structure and organization of Tourism Industry (core course)
  5. Transport, Accommodation and Catering (F&B Operations) (core course)
  6. Hotel Organization and Management (Front Office, Housekeeping, Security Department, Administration, etc) (core course)
  7. Travel Agency Organization and Management (core course)
  8. Sales and Marketing, etc. (elective course)  

To reserve your place at this program, please send us an e-mail asking for an APPLICATION FORM.