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myfiles/Free-Consultation-2.jpgGOLDEN BRIDGE provides FREE advising services for individuals looking for more information about STUDY ABROAD  programs. CONTACT us today! Our education consultants are ready to speak to you.

Work and Travel USAATTENTION to all students (Bachelor's and Master's level)! WORK and TRAVEL USA Program Application for Summer 2024 is OPEN NOW! Spend your Summer Holidays working and traveling in the U.S.   HURRY UP! THE PLACES ARE LIMITED!   Interested? Please call to schedule an appointment: (+995 32) 2 969421,  (+995) 598 240886. 

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WorkAndTravelGermanyGOLDEN BRIDGE is continuously looking for students to work in several business fields in Germany for up to 90 days. Typical positions are warehouse pickers, restaurant staff, helpers in agriculture, cleaners or helpers in the tourism business.

Who can participate?

You need to fulfill only the following criteria in any case:

• You must be older than 18 and younger than 35 years of age.

• You must be enrolled as a student at a university.

• You only can work in Germany during official semester breaks of your university or college. 


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Study in the UK at the University of Bedfordshire! 

The United Kingdom offers you a world-class education, internationally respected qualifications and outstanding career prospects. 
Do you want to study at a UK university, college, boarding school or English language centre? We are here to help you find your dream course and plan your studies.

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Learn Spanish in Spain or CubaFrench in France, German in Germany, English in England, USA or Canada, Arabic in MoroccoChinese in ChinaItalian in Italy.  CONTACT us today!


GOLDENBRIDGELOGOWELCOME TO GOLDEN BRIDGE CENTER! GOLDEN BRIDGE International Education Center is an educational organization based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Long established relationships with our international partners ensure the highest standards of care and support to participants. Experience is Everything!...    



Click here for a COMPLETE  LIST OF OUR PROGRAMS AND SERVICES. Study-abroad programs, Student Exchange programs, Courses in Georgia, Additional Services. The LIST includes detailed descriptions, pictures, pricing,  and more...



WELCOME to OUR NEWS section! This is the section of our website where you will be able to read our latest news. Please check back soon to see more!... *Posted on 5 JULY 2011. - GREAT SCHOLARSHIP IS AVAILABLE in London.Get Scholarship and Earn your MBA or a Master’s Degree in Finance or Marketing for just 1 year!

ENGLISHCOURSEGOLDENBRIDGEENGLISH LANGUAGE AND EXAM PREPARATION COURSES at GOLDEN BRIDGE Center. Learn more about GOLDEN BRIDGE English Language and Exam Preparation Courses in Tbilisi. Knowledge of English language has become a very important part of our life.  


TESTENGLISHGOLDENBRIDGEIf you are  looking to  TEST your ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS  and  GET THE SCORE CERTIFICATE,  GOLDEN  BRIDGE  can help you.  We provide  two types of  English tests  as a way for  English language  learners  to evaluate their English proficiency. Learn more about it...


USEFULINFOGOLDENBRIDGEIf you are about to embark on the journey of studying or working abroad too much spontaneity and impulsiveness is likely to set you up for a fall. Preparation is the key word for those seriously considering living abroad. A good way of preparing is learning about the study/work/internship programmes abroad accessible for citizens of Georgia. Click here for SOME USEFUL TIPS FOR STUDY OR WORK ABROAD...

GREENCARDGOLDENBRIDGEFor those who wish to live and work in the United States, the GREEN CARD LOTTERY is a good opportunity. The Green Card Lottery makes 50,000 diversity visa available each year to citizens of countries who have low rates of immigration to the US. Applicants are chosen from a random selection process and must meet certain criteria...  



The Office of Visa Assistance Services at the GOLDEN BRIDGE Center offers an independent and high quality consultancy and visa services to Georgian nationals who plan their trips to the following countries: the USA, the UK, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, etc. ...

TESTIMONIALSGOLDENBRIDGETestimonials or What our students say about GOLDEN BRIDGE.  "Dear Golden Bridge! I really had a good time in Great Britain and learned a lot. I was satisfied with my host families and my work placement such as the possibility of the intern nights where you could meet many other interns and talk to the supervisors: Consequently you were really in contact with them and they were always ready to support!" ...

GONTACTUSGOLDENBRIDGEQuestions? Comments? Feedback? Then CONTACT us! If you are planning to visit us please call before to schedule your interview with the GOLDEN BRIDGE staff. Everyone at GOLDEN BRIDGE is always at your service... with a smile and a friendly word!...