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Work and Study Program in Canada - Fanshawe College

Information updated on: 03/03/2015

Why Fanshawe?

We know you’re more than a student. That’s why Fanshawe is more than a college. Just look at Fanshawe’s incredible campus - or ask someone who knows. It’s a place where people meet and futures are made. 

In addition to state-of-the-art tools for mastering your craft, we’ve got restaurants, residences and everything you need to have the best time with some of the best friends - people who share your passions and dreams.
Fanshawe is a place to engage and be hands-on with what you love - creating something, solving problems, helping others - and building a foundation for a lifetime of happiness and success. 

For success you’ll have:

  • wireless everywhere
  • study & tutorial services
  • resumé & job search services
  • career listings
  • medical services

For fun you’ll have:

  • over a dozen restaurants & cafeterias, including an on-campus bar
  • retail services
  • three student residences
  • bus pass
  • fitness centre & sports complex
  • varsity & intramural teams

Plain and simple, Fanshawe College is the smart investment for your future. 

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Admission Requirements

2014-15 International Fees

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Canada Work and Study

Work and Study (Co-Op Programme)- is a Study program with a Practicum (paid internship). Canada's leading Work and Study Program is one of the best ways to gain first hand experience of Canadian culture and its people. Studying and working in Canada will give you options and experiences that are unique to local Canadians. What makes this experience so special is that when you go home, you'll have much more than great memories, new friends from around the world, and amazing photos of a beautiful country. You will also have an international work experience that will make your resume get noticed!

If you are independent enough to live on your own, have an open mind, and have good English ability, then you are a good candidate and you will achieve success. We are looking forward to meeting you at the interview! Hurry up! Do not miss your chance to participate in Work and Study Program in Canada.

In order to get additional information about the program and fees, please do not hesitate to visit us at GOLDEN BRIDGE Center.