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Study in English or Russian languages! 

University College LBK (Europe) has  additional student’s intake period for year 2016 and especially favorable conditions for recruiting students! 

The price of higher education programs at DISTANCE LEARNING department now is the most favorable – only 449 EUR per semester (English language department) or 299 EUR per semester (Russian language department). Studying 100% through Internet!

Additional student’s intake for year 2016 for FULL TIME DAY TIME department – the beginning of studies in April, which means, no need to for September for them, who are ready to start studying. 

Additional information:
Education holding of LBK includes:
University College LBK, European Distance University, Riga 1st High School.

University College LBK:
Higher education and profession in two years. Studying at the full time day time department or through distance – learning. Is being issued European level internationally recognized higher education diploma. Unlimited accreditation of LBK and all study programs.

European Distance University:
Recently opened university. Bachelor’s grade through distance – learning (100% through Internet). Duration of studies – 4 years and 2 months. All study programs are licensed.

Riga 1st High School:
Secondary education in Europe at the full time day time department or through distance – learning. Secondary education with issuance of European diploma, recognized in all over the world (no need for diploma confirmation). Studying 100% through Internet – passing of exams internally just once, at the end of studies. All study programs are accredited.

According to statistics, almost in all universities in all over the world the number of students, studying by DISTANCE – LEARNING, is rapidly growing. If you have not yet recruited students to distance – learning department of universities, it may be worth a try?

A little bit about distance education:
Distance – learning 100% through Internet. Arrival only once for the last exam. Very effective education process by deliberate program in LBK’s own distance – learning system. Tuition fees are similar in LBK and EDU.

10 reasons to choose LBK:

1 – Higher education after two years of studies. After two years of studies you acquire higher education and profession in accordance with European standards. Our higher education study programs are convenient, structured, the materials are given intensively. LBK study programs include only the subjects useful for future specialists. Our study programs do not include non-profile subjects like civil defence, physical culture, the knowledge of which is rarely needed in common practice of a specialist. We save your time and, therefore, we provide only the knowledge you can apply in practice in future.

2 – Practice in European companies during studies.These are not only new acquaintances and impressions, but also inappreciable international experience. You can try yourself in prestigious companies.

3 – European higher education in the English language. In European higher education institution LBK you can get your education in English or Russian language.

4 – International level diploma. You will have European diploma of higher education, which grants you successful employment not only in your country, but also in Europe, if you decide to stay here. European diploma of higher education is accepted in all countries of the world and proves comprehensive and full-fledged knowledge of our graduates.

5 – Unlimited accreditation of LBK. Unlimited accreditation is attributed only to the best of European higher education institutions.

6 – Admission without entrance exams. – This is an excellent offer for foreign students, who want to acquire qualitative higher vocational education.

7 – Travelling and work in Europe. For students from foreign countries we provide a Schengen visa with the right of travelling and working in the European Union, and also an EU residence permit.

8 – Acceptable fees. Low tuition fees – 1100 EUR per one year in Russian language study mode and 
1800 EUR per one year in English language study mode

9 – Distance Learning. Possibility to acquire higher education remotely. Attending the lectures is not required – all study materials are placed in our distance learning system. Distant higher education is an excellent possibility for students, who want to catch everything – to study and to work.

10 – You will discover for you a whole world! You will discover an absolutely new life, new horizons and opportunities to achieve more ambitious goals. You will find new friends among the students of a prestigious university – prospective politicians and businessmen. Exactly here useful business connections and contacts for future business or international career are established.

Study programs:
• Entrepreneurship
• Culture Tourism
• Law
• Logistics
• Personnel Management
• Information Technology
• Advertising Management
• Accounting
• Banking

More information about us is available on our homepage:

International students have to pay Registration fee of EUR 400 and an Application/Consulting Fee of EUR 350. 

LBK are providing full visa support for our international students - 60 euros. Employee of the university will submit documents and apply for your residence permit. International students just need to provide few necessary documents and then wait for positive result.

We also offer different accommodation options. We have a partnership with dormitories, youth hostels. Students also have an opportunity to get help from us in rent of the flat. Depending on the room, price of accommodation varies from 70 to 110 euros per month. You can check in to the hostel for a short time, for example, before the exams, or for all duration of studies, in this case, there is an opportunity to declare place of residence.

The University College LBK is an accredited higher education institution and a multinational study environment, European quality of education and prestigious diploma, accepted all around the world!

Right now students from more than 45 countries study in LBK